Inclement Weather

Winter Storms

The library may close (or postpone opening) when weather conditions make traveling unsafe. The safety of the library staff and patrons will be used to determine weather the library should be open or not. However, maximum effort will be made to maintain regular library operating hours.

If hazardous weather conditions occur, the librarian staffing the library will call any current library board member to advise him or her of the situation. If a decision is made to close or postpone opening of the library, the local radio station, WDUX, will be called by the notified library board member. The radio station will be requested to announce the change in library hours.


When the village siren sounds a tornado warning the library staff will advise the library’s patrons of the situation. The library staff will ask the patrons to proceed to a room within the municipal building without windows. A radio should accompany the group. Normal routine may resume when the all clear sign is given.