Administration and Personnel

A. Organizational structure of the Scandinavia Public Library consists of two segments: governing board (Board of Trustees) and administration.

  1. The Board of Trustees consists of five (5) members, appointed by the Village Board. One of the members shall be a school district administrator, or the administrator’s representative. Members shall be residents of the village, except that not more than 2 members may be residents of towns adjacent to the village. (43.54 WI Trustees Handbook)
  2. Administration consists of the library director, selected by the Library Board, and any supporting staff the director has selected.

B. The librarian, who will base the library’s open hours on existing and potential patronage, shall determine hours of library service. This decision will be brought to the Board of Trustees for approval. This includes determination of which holidays the library will observe by staying closed.

C. Due to the part-time classification of the library director, there will be no vacation or holiday pay. However, the Board of Trustees will pay the librarian two “floating” holidays. At the librarian’s discretion, she will be paid two days a year to compensate for earnings lost due to the closing of the library. The librarian will inform the Board which holidays she wishes to include.

D. The library director’s salary will be determined by the Board of Trustees yearly and paid from public library funds.