• Located in Jorgens Park Preserve on the northern shore of Silver Lake in Scandinavia, the StoryWalk® is a 0.4-mile loop trail beginning east of the park's picnic pavilion. As families walk the trail, they will enjoy reading pages from a children's picture book that have been placed along the trail. 

    Combining literacy with outdoor activity, the StoryWalk® is a great way to enjoy some meaningful family-bonding time!

    Currently featured on the StoryWalk® is "I Went Walking" by Sue Williams with...

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  • Tuesday, May 24, 2022 - 4:00pm

    Join librarian Sue to discuss Rachel Joyce's novel Miss Benson's Beetle.

    It is 1950. London is still reeling from World War II, and Margery Benson--a sensible schoolmarm and lonely spinster--is just trying to get through life. But one day, she reaches her breaking point, abandoning her job and her tidy, circumscribed life, to set out on an expedition to the other side of the world in search of an insect that may or may not exist: the golden beetle of New Caledonia, Margery's...

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  • The Scandinavia Public Library offers a summer reading program from June 1 through August 31.

    We encourage readers of **all ages** to participate!


    Sign up yourself or your family:

    • with the Beanstack Tracker app available for...
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  • The Scandinavia Public Library invites all crafters to Crafting Bee! Enjoy an atmosphere of creativity and mutual support as you work alongside other crafters. Whether you knit, crochet, cross stitch, quilt, bead, draw, or scrap, and whether you are a novice or an experienced pro, these sessions are open to everyone! Assistance is also available for a wide variety of crafts. All ages are welcome, but individuals age 10 & under should be accompanied by an adult.

    Crafting Bee meets Thursday afternoons from...

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  • The Scandinavia Public Library is open!

    Patrons are welcome to come in to browse and use the public computers. Mask wearing is optional.

    The library still offers curbside pick-up of materials. If you would like curbside pick-up of library materials, please ring the doorbell or call 715-467-4636 to alert the librarian. Please be patient if the librarian is on the phone or away from the desk; we will come to you as soon as possible. Patrons are always welcome to call ahead so we can have your materials...

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Access Wisconsin's state-wide digital library, with over 50,000 ebook and 18,000 audiobook titles and hundreds of magazine series to explore, using the Libby App by OverDrive! You can use Libby on multiple devices and Libby will automatically sync your loans, holds, and book progress between devices, as long as you have an internet connection and your library cards are on each device.

Install the free Libby app from your device's app store (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows store Read More about Access the Digital Library through the Libby App

Free Wi-Fi (wireless internet) is available in the Scandinavia Public Library parking lot, close to the library. To use the Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop go to your settings (often a gear icon), then Wi-Fi, and then select LibraryGuest. No password is needed.

For safety, please do not stand within six feet of others or congegrate in groups of 10 or more.

If you'd like help with this or other library services, please call Read More about Free Wi-Fi outside of library building

In this time of social distancing, Scandinavia Public Library has stepped up to offer community members a new opportunity to apply for and renew library cards virtually. The application and renewal process enables individuals to access digital library services without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes – even when libraries’ doors are closed.

“InfoSoup digital services are open to you even while (libraries) are closed,” said Evan Bend, Library Services Manager with the Read More about Apply for a library card online