2024 Summer Reading Rewards

Our summer reading rewards program runs from June 1 ─ August 31, and *ALL AGES* from newborn to 100+ are encouraged to join!

Registration opens Monday, May 20 and continues all summer!

Why do we promote summer reading?

  • Reading with infants and toddlers promotes bonding and associates books with positive feelings
  • Reading with 3-5 year olds teaches them pre-reading skills (book orientation, letter familiarity, word sounds) which will aid learning to read later on
  • For school-age children and teens, summer reading means reading for pleasure, increases vocabulary, and keeps skills fresh for returning to school
  • For adults, continued reading reduces stress, maintains memory and brain function, and supports continued learning
  • For everyone, reading promotes empathy, creativity, self-esteem, and an understanding of the points of view of other people. It also reduces feelings of loneliness and depression.

Why should you join the Scandinavia Public Library’s summer reading program?

  • Being part of a reading program encourages you to set and reach a desired personal reading goal
  • You can challenge your friends and family members to see who can read the most!
  • You’ll meet other readers and get recommendations for more great books to read!
  • You can earn Book Bucks to treat yourself to something fun from one of our community businesses!
  • You’ll help us reach our community goal of a combined 1,854 days of reading by all of our program participants!
  • In joining the reading program, you’ll help to demonstrate how much reading is valued in our community!

How do I join the library’s summer reading program?

Sign up yourself or your family:

  • Using the Beanstack Tracker app available for Apple products and through the GoogleApp Store, ~OR~
  • Go to scandinavialibrary.beanstack.org, ~OR~
  • Visit the Scandinavia Public Library in person.
  • Program registration opens on Monday, May 22, 2023, and readers can begin logging their reading on June 1, 2023.
  • Program registration will remain open throughout the summer, so even late starters can still enjoy the fun! (But if you want to earn a Book Bucks gift certificate [see below], you’ll need to start logging no later than Thursday, August 10, 2023.)

How do I track my reading?

Record each day you read* for at least 20 minutes. (We’re recording the days, not the minutes.) If you read to someone else, or if someone reads to you, count that as part of your time too! Record your days using:

  • Beanstack on your mobile device or desktop computer, ~OR~
  • use paper log sheets from the Scandinavia Public Library, or download the log sheet PDF to print at home

*Reading includes books (fiction and non-fiction), ebooks, magazines, newspaper, online fiction, audiobooks, and e-audiobooks. Time can be consecutive or broken into smaller segments throughout the day.

Reward yourself for your reading!

We know readers love a nice treat, and we have something fun just for you!

  • After logging 22, 44, and 66 days of reading you’ll receive a $3 Book Bucks gift certificate─ that’s up to $9 in Book Bucks that you can earn with your reading over the summer!
  • Use Book Bucks on your next purchase at: The Back Forty, Blooming Envy, Country Chic Boutique, Odin & Freja’s Place, The Runestick, Salt Hair & Beauty Lounge, ScandiHus, Silver Lake Lanes,  Sliced Pizza Co., or Trout Bum Bakery!
  • Book Bucks can be used singly or together, and friends and family members can also can combine their Book Bucks in a single transaction!
  • Book Bucks can not be redeemed for cash.
  • All reading must be logged in Beanstack, or paper reading logs returned to the library, by Friday, September 1, 2023 to count towards earning Book Bucks.
  • Participating merchants will redeem Book Bucks through Sunday, October 1, 2023. All remaining Book Bucks will be void after October 1, 2023.
  • If you don’t want Book Bucks, please let us know (it will save our librarians some time), but keep logging your reading! Logged reading still contributes to our community goal of 1,854 days of reading and adds to the fun of our in-library display even if you’re not receiving Book Bucks.

Check out Tiny Scandinavia at the library!

We’ve created a mock-up of Scandinavia in the library. Each of our summer readers will be represented by a gnome with their name on it. Each day you read will move your gnome farther through Scandinavia!

  • Watch your gnome’s progress as you log your reading. Set a summer reading goal─how far can your gnome go?
  • Challenge a friend or family member to a reading race! Whose gnome will go the farthest?
  • The more readers we have, the more gnomes you’ll see, so encourage your friends and family members to participate too!!

Help us reach our community reading goal!

Our 7-League Boots are a’walkin’ — all the way across the library ceiling! Every day you log will get those books closer to their goal. Will they get there by the end of the summer? We’ll need all of our readers to get them there!

It’s a fun way to work together and show how much our community values reading!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for "All Together Now" Summer Reading Rewards today!