Community of Scandinavia, Wisconsin

The Scandinavia Public Library serves a village of 338 residents and citizens from the surrounding area who choose to use the library. Service is provided equally to any Wisconsin resident or partial-year resident.

The community of Scandinavia has a rich history and a number of older residents who remember it. It was a thriving hub of business and education in the 1800's. During the 1900's it declined significantly. In 1960 the local school district merged with neighboring Iola into a consolidated district. The elementary school remained active in Scandinavia until the 1980's when it was removed. Now all school children in the village spend their school days in Iola except those few who are home-schooled.

Scandinavia Township Elected Board

The Town of Scandianvia Board meets on the second Wednesday of each motnth at 6 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Gary Marx Chair 715-467-2273
Mike Mazemke Treasurer 715-445-4024
Frank Bauer Supervisor 715-445-3932
Bryan Fuhs Supervisor 715-467-3262
Brenda Mazemke Clerk 715-445-4024 or


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