Child Survey

In an ideal world, the library would offer programming for each age group such as Babygarten (A time for parents with their infants and toddlers. Rhymes, songs, a short story, and social play time for your little ones.), Story time (stories, fun, and learning for preschoolers and their caregivers.), and activities for school aged children. Based on the library’s limited resources, we need to focus on programs that area caregivers want and can attend. Your answers will guide the library in program offerings.

Goals for Programming for Children ages 0 – 8 Years Old

·        Play and have fun

·        Share and build an interest in reading

·        Build community

For the purposes of this survey, a caregiver is a parent, grandparent, or babysitter. In other words, someone who is responsible for a child or children and would potentially attend a library program with the child(ren).

It is expected that program participants will behave in a manner appropriate for their age and abilities. Being quiet or sitting still is not expected of all children. We are easy-going. Programs are a place to learn about these skills (when appropriate) and to practice them. Perfection is not expected, please bring your child that doesn’t sit still.

If you aren’t the caregiver of a child ages 0 – 8 years old that may attend programming at the Scandinavia Public Library, please tell someone who is about this survey.

What are the best times for you to attend a program for children 0-8 years old? Please select any/all days and times that work well for you from the options below. The fine print for those who want more information: The library is currently open 28 hours per week. Shifting the time the library is open would be considered if it is requested (For example, opening later on Saturday and staying open later the same day).