Tails and Tales 2021 Summer Reading Program


The Scandinavia Public Library offers a summer reading program from June 7 through August 28.

We encourage readers of all ages to participate!


Sign up yourself or your family:


Record your reading using:

  • T&T Story Walk.pngBeanstack on your mobile device or desktop computer, -OR-
  • paper logs from the library or via the pdf at the bottom of this page


Earn badges for:

  • each day you read* at least 20 minutes (83 days max)
  • visT&T Reviews.pngiting the library's story walk in Jorgens Park Preserve (6 max)
  • writing a book review or drawing a picture about a book you read (6 max)

*Reading includes books, ebooks, magazines, newspapers, online fiction, audiobooks and e-audiobooks, reading to or being read to by someone else. Time can be consecutive or broken into smaller segments throughout the day.


T&T Reading Token.pngReceive a Reading Token for every 20 badges you earn.


Exchange Reading Tokens at the library for:
1 Token = origami $2 bill, or $3 gift certificate to ScandiHus or Trout Bum Bakery
2 Tokens = one free book** from the 2-Token Book List, a Beanie Baby, a mug rug set
3 Tokens = one free book*** from the 3-Token Book List, an amugurumi toy, a gnome, or a $10 Iola-Scandinavia Chamber of Commerce gift certificate
**allow 1-3 weeks order time

You can see some of these items on our "Tails and Tales" 2021 Summer Programs photo album on Facebook!


The library will also hold a random drawing for a $3 ScandiHus or Trout Bum Bakery gift certificate every Monday from the badges earned the previous week. So be sure to keep turning in reading logs at the library or logging on Beanstack every week; the more badges you earn, the better chance you have to win!


Reading Logs