Windows and Mirrors Winter 2021 Reading Challenge

From January 1st to February 28th, readers can participate in the Scandinavia Public Library's

Windows & Mirrors Winter 2021 Reading Challenge.

Join us in this celebration of diversity, harnessing the transformative power of books!




Books have power.


They can teach us history, science, and philosophy. By reading, our vocabularies expand, our stress is reduced, and our mental functions improved.


Books are also powerful mirrors. Seeing ourselves reflected in the pages of a book strengthens our identities and validates our places in the world.


Books act as windows too, allowing us to see into the lives of others, expanding our empathy and giving us a wider view of the world.


And sometimes, when we look through the book-as-a-window, we discover ways in which we are similar to others. The window glass becomes a mirror, reflecting our shared humanity amid the diversity of our experiences; ‘they’ become ‘us.’


When the world appears divided, reading is a powerful tool bringing us together.


The Scandinavia Public Library invites our community to experience the transformative power of reading through our Windows & Mirrors 2021 Winter Reading Challenge.


Open to all ages, readers will earn badges by exploring diverse book lists, logging the books they’ve read, and writing book reviews. Younger readers can log books that are read to them and draw picture book reviews.


Each badge earned will also give local readers a chance to win a gift card to area stores, including Scandinavia'a Country Chic Boutique, Sliced Pizza Co., Trout Bum Bakery ($20 each), and Neumann’s Piggly Wiggly ($25) in Waupaca at the end of the program.


The library will hold aditional drawings every two weeks from badges earned in that time frame, so readers should keep logging regularly. Two winners from each drawing will each receive a small treat from ScandiHus.


Readers can register for Windows & Mirrors and log their activities through the Scandinavia Public Library’s online portal or the Beanstack Tracker app available for Android and Apple devices. Registration can also take place by calling the library (715-467-4636) and using paper reading logs. Paper reading logs are available from the library or through the link posted below as a downloadable PDF.


Any book may be read and logged for the winter reading challenge, but we hope that you will also take this opportunity to learn more about others—and yourself!—by taking a look at our diversity reading recommendations. These reading lists are available as Beanstack activities, or an abridged printout is also available via the link below.


So read... and step through the mirror into another world!


Windows & Mirrors Downloadables