Story Walk in Jorgens Park Preserve

Families can enjoy the Scandinavia Public Library's story walk in Jorgens Park Preserve. Located on the north shore of Silver Lake in Scandinavia, the story walk is a 0.4-mile loop trail beginning just to the east of the park's picnic pavilion. As families walk the trail, they can enjoy reading pages from a children's picture book that have been placed sequentially along the trail.

Combining literacy with outdoor activity, the story walk is a great way to enjoy some meaningful family-bonding time.

Children's books of all types, from classic to new, and even non-fiction, have been featured on the trail. Currently up for view is "Mr. McGinty's Monarchs" by Linda Vander Heyden with illustrations by Eileen Ryan Ewen.

The story walk was named "Walk with Donnie" in honor of Donnie Jensen, who was a Scandinavia Public Library and Friends of Jorgens Park Preserve board member. "Donnie volunteered many hours in support of both the library and Jorgens Park," said Library Director Sue Vater Olsen. "It's my hope that people can enjoy the story walk and remember Donnie's life." Donnie passed away in 2016.

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