Drawing of a waving gnome near a mushroom

Sew a gnome with Meredith

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 2:00pm

Sew a gnome with librarian Meredith from 2-5 pm Friday, November 15. Sewing machines and tools will be provided by the library. Some fabrics will be provided by the library. Matching fabrics are not guaranteed! Let us know if you need fake fur (beard material) by November 9 so that we can have some on hand for you. You may bring your own fabrics and/or scissors if you choose.

The library will provide dried corn as a weighting medium, if you choose to use it.Photo of decorative

Materials needed:
• 16” (36” wide) fabric for torso (fabrics that don't ravel, such as fleece work well for this project)
• 8” x 16” fabric for hat
• 8” x 8” fake fur for beard
• 8” x 8” backing for beard
• 6” x 6” fabric for nose
• 10” x 10” fabric for exterior base
• 10” x 20” fabric for interior base to hold weighting medium
• Weighting medium (dried corn or similar)
• Stuffing
• Thread to coordinate with above fabrics

Ages 12 and up.

Gnome graphic adapted from Josué Menjivar via Flickr.